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Touring Cape York is definitely a ‘must-do’ on every Cairns holiday agenda. Untouched beaches, lakes, tropical islands and national parks as well as rugged 4WD trails and fishing. The hardest part about travelling to Cape York is deciding which 4WD tour from Cairns to Cape York is best for you – and that’s where we can help you!

Where is Cape York?

One of Australia's last great wilderness regions, Cape York extends 1000 kilometres north of Cairns, Queensland. This vast, remote region is the approximate size of our State of Victoria or of England, Scotland and Wales combined, covering some 115,000 square kilometres.

Cape York Tours Sights

There's a special ambience in Cape York, a feeling of magic, spun by its vastness and amazing variety. You'll see animals of the Australian bush in a habitat of crystal clear spring fed creeks and waterfalls, huge termite mounds and carnivorous plants. And you'll feel the emotion and pride when you stand at the very Top of Australia.

If you have a sense of adventure holidays, a desire to stand at the top end of Australia and experience a "journey" rather than just a holiday one of our 4WD Cape York tours from Cairns will fulfil all your needs!
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Cape York Tours 4WD/Drive

Tour Cape York and see all Far North Queensland has to offer by road! These 4WD Cape York tours depart Cairns and are 13-16 days long. We visit all areas of The Cape from Weipa on the West coast through to the stunning Chili Beach on the East coast of Cape York. Our Cape York Drive/Drive tours visit Lakefield National Park, renowned for wild bird and animal life. You will also have ample time to explore tropical Thursday and Horn Islands in the Torres Straits. Camping in tents and Campfire Cooked meals add to the overall experience of making your journey to "The Tip" of Australia.
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Cape York Tours Sea/Drive

Tour Cape York and see Far North Queensland at its untouched best – on land and sea! Combine a 4WD holiday safari with a sea journey on a real life working Cargo Boat. The MV Trinity Bay is 81 meters long, has 16 cabins and serves up amazing meals whilst en route! These tours operate between 9-14 days and the 4WD land leg accommodation can be your choice of camping in tents with campfire cooked meals or motel accommodation with restaurant/cafe meals. Either way you will get the holiday experience of two types of transport methods in one Cape York holiday.
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Cape York Tours Drive/Fly

Tour Cape York by 4WD and get a bird’s eye view of The Great Barrier Reef on our fly/drive adventures. Remember to bring your camera and capture stunning aerial scenes on your low level flight between Cairns and "The Tip". The duration of these Cape York tours from Cairns lasts 5-12 days and offer options for tent camping & enjoying delicious camp fire cooked meals or sleeping in motel/cabin accommodation with meals at restaurants and cafes. The longer of these tours will take in both the West and East coasts of Cape York plus the famous Thursday and Horn Islands.
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7 day fly/drive budget accommodated tour more info

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Cape York 4wd Tours

A region of diverse landscapes and true wilderness, Cape York is a Four Wheel Drive (4WD) holidays adventure Mecca for Australians and international visitors form nearby Cairns. Cape York 4WD tours and self drive adventures are best undertaken in the "Dry Season", between May and December.

Cape York Tour Experiences

Many of Cape York’s 20,500 (approximately) indigenous and non-indigenous Australians rely on the annual migration of tourists to supplement the Peninsula's mining, fishing and pastoral industries which are the basis of its relatively small economy. Ecologically, the Cape York region is very important, supporting a diverse range of environments from tropical rainforest, open forest, savannah grassland and heath communities in a region that remains relatively unaffected by our industrialised society. Many National Parks protect these natural assets, the most notable being Lakefield and Jardine National Parks along with the famous World Heritage listed Wet Tropics a short distance from Cairns.

Cape York Indigenous Art

Indigenous Australian Aborigine and Torres Strait Islander culture is rich and alive in Cape York. A visit to Split Rock, near Laura, to view ancient rock art is a highlight of the area. Known as "Quinkan" rock art, there are literally hundreds of galleries hidden in the sandstone escarpment of the Great Dividing Range. The collection is held to be one of the largest bodies of primitive art in the world which depict the activities and culture of the Australian Aborigine in bygone years.

Famous Cape York Tourists

Cape York’s most well known visitor was Captain Cook in 1770 when he repaired his ship "Endeavour" where Cooktown now stands. Later, significant influences began with Kennedy's 1848 expedition to be followed by the Jardine family who established the outpost of Somerset in the 1860's. However, it was the discovery of gold at the Palmer River that brought significant population and the establishment of Cooktown in 1873. In the years that followed, the Cape York Telegraph, pastoralism, World War II, bauxite mining at Weipa and the emerging tourism industry have all added their intriguing stories to the region.

Cape York Tours